Kuwaiti government refuses Israeli jet used its airspace

Kuwaiti government refuses Israeli jet used its airspace
The "Adir" jets first flight in Israel Pictured: "Adir" jet and F-16I "Sufa" Photo by: Maj. Ofer הטיסה הראשונה של מטוסי ה"אדיר" בשמי ישראל בתמונה: מטוס ה"אדיר" ומטוס ה"ספוה" צילום: רס"ן עופר

Kuwaiti government refuses Israeli jet used its airspace

Kuwaiti civil aeronautics officials have rejected allegations that an Israeli commuter plane had used the nation’s airspace.

Online articles claimed that a plane moved by the Israeli airline El Al on a flight from Thailand had flown into the Kuwaiti airspace.

“The pictures circulated on social media are untrue,” a source at Kuwait’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation told the Kuwaiti publication Al Qabas.

“Israeli flights take off from the airports of the occupation state [Israel] over the Red Sea and reach its far south, then heading towards India and other Asian countries such as Thailand,” the anonymous source added.

“Kuwaiti air control towers operate round the clock, tracking flights coming or leaving Kuwait and those passing through its airspace. The passage in the airspace is registered beforehand through requests made by airlines at the departure sites,” the source explained.

“Accordingly, a request either from the occupation state or any other airport cannot be accepted because the notice includes the name of the airline, the type of flight and other details.”

Kuwait does not have diplomatic links with Israel.

Anti-Israeli sentiment runs high in Kuwait and other Arab countries over Israel’s practices mainly fronting Palestinians

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