Kuwait Today – LIVE Stream: Blood moon July 2018

Kuwait Today - LIVE Stream: Blood moon July 2018

Kuwait Today – LIVE Stream: Blood moon July 2018

The Blood Moon total lunar eclipse will dazzle stargazers around the globe this Friday – but how can you watch the eclipse online?

Get ready for a celestial double feature unlike anything seen in decades: Mars is about to make its closest approach to Earth in 15 years—just as the full moon blushes red in the longest “blood moon” eclipse of the century.

Both the moon and Mars will dominate the overnight hours on July 27 and into the morning of July 28, traveling across the sky beside each other while appearing to be separated by only five degrees, equal to the width of three middle fingers held at arm’s length.

On the 27th, the red planet will swing the closest it has come to Earth since August 2003, allowing sky-watchers around the world to see our neighboring world about as big and bright it can ever get in our skies.

And while you shouldn’t expect Mars to look as big as the full moon, as many online hoaxes in past years have suggested, you will also get to see the actual moon painted red as it undergoes a total lunar eclipse.

  • blood moon or total lunar eclipse is happening on Friday, July 27.
  • At 1 hour 43 minutes of totality, the lunar eclipse will be the longest until the year 2123.
  • People in North America, including the US, Canada, and Mexico, won’t be able to see the blood moon.

The Blood Moon will pass over swathes of Central Asia and Eastern Africa – the most optimal places to see the eclipse.

In Europe, Western Africa, Australia, parts of Southeast Asia and South America the eclipse will only be visible from moonrise or just around moonset.

This means hopeful stargazers in the US, Canada, Mexico and the whole of Central America will have to tune in here to watch the Kuwait Today livestream.



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