Kuwait to terminate 50% of expats holding government jobs

Kuwait to terminate 50% of expats holding government jobs

Kuwait to terminate 50% of expats holding government jobs

Several Kuwaiti government ministries have started to lay off expatriate workers, especially those working in non-technical fields. It said the ministries will dismiss 50 percent of foreign employees, in particular those who work in non-technical fields and for subcontractors.

The process of terminating expats working in the governmental agencies will happen gradually and we will be notifying them to ensure that the work is not affected.

More than 50 per cent of expats working for sub contractors, hired by governmental agencies, will likely be laid off in 3 months. As for those hired directly by the ministries, they have already been moved to companies that are subcontractors for governmental ministries.

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It is reported that expatriates who work in specialist fields requiring certain levels of expertise will be laid off gradually to avoid disrupting workflow.

The head of the parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee, MP Khalil Al Saleh, says, “The committee has taken concrete steps to address the issue in the demographic imbalance. We will be holding a meeting next week to prepare a report, with data and statistics, that we will present to the National Assembly.”

The MP also added, “We have achieved what we agreed upon to solve the problem, especially since there are expats that are working in non-technical jobs in the governmental sector.”

According to data published in December 2019, about 120,000 of the 3 million expatriates in Kuwait work in the public sector.

Al Saleh stressed on closing the Kuwaitisation file that deals with expats working in non-technical jobs. He called on the Civil Services Commission to adhere to resolution 11/2017 that deals with achieving Kuwaitisation in the public sector, which would lead to 100 per cent of the public sector workforce being Kuwaiti.

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