Kuwait To Abolish Sponsorship (Kafeel) System is Fake News

Kuwait To Abolish Sponsorship (Kafeel) System is Fake News

Kuwait To Abolish Sponsorship (Kafeel) System is Fake News

Kuwait’s Ministry of Social Affairs denied media reports on what was reported by some news media outlets on Wednesday as “untrue” that the Kuwait Ministry planned to scrap the sponsorship (Kafeel) system.

Undersecretary Abdulaziz Shuaib said in a statement about cancellation of the sponsors’ system of workers “are completely untrue,”

He said Minister Maryam Al-Aqeel did not even proposal this matter to the Council of Minister. He explained this was a mere study received by the Ministry of Social Affairs, and was referred to relevant departments.

Earlier, Some newspapers and online sites reported that Kuwait is planning to abolish sponsorship system for employees.

What is a sponsor?

All Expats require a local sponsor in order to visit Kuwait (whether on holiday or business) or live and work there.

When did the Sponsorship (Kafeel) System start?

The Sponsorship (Kafeel) System began in the 1950s when several Middle East countries started hiring foreign workers to accelerate development following the discovery of oil.

Where is the Sponsorship (Kafeel) System practiced?

It is being practiced in the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and also in the Arab states of Jordan and Lebanon.

What problems do migrants face in the Sponsorship (Kafeel) System?

Some migrant workers end up absconding from their employers to seek refuge elsewhere. In the Gulf states, absconding is considered a crime and that leads to indefinite detention and deportation.

What exactly is kafala?

The word “kafala” means sponsorship in Arabic.

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