Kuwait: Taxis can now carry 3 passengers

Kuwait: Taxis can now carry 3 passengers

Kuwait: Taxis can now carry 3 passengers

The Ministry of Interior issued instructions to traffic sectors to allow taxis to carry three passengers instead of one starting from today, Thursday, August 20th.

Currently, as part of the return to normal life plan, taxis were allowed to carry only one passenger per trip.

A number of taxi drivers have demanded that they be allowed to carry more than one passenger, especially family members, saying the current instructions issued by the concerned authority hampers their income.

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They added, most of the companies have closed shop and as a result of this they find it difficult to find passengers. Some drivers told the daily, during a routine survey the coronavirus pandemic has affected their income and made it difficult for them to deal with the meter system.

The decision came after a meeting held this morning between the taxi companies and Traffic Agent, Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh. The decision came after a petition made by the taxi owners that they were suffering losses .