Kuwait: Second COVID-19 wave may have started

Kuwait: Second COVID-19 wave may have started

The second wave of COVID-19 has started in Kuwait with the hike in the infection index. Commenting on infection of five MPs in one day, the source said that the MPs experienced symptoms and were tested individually, which were not the same tests usually conducted prior to the convening of the National Assembly sessions.

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The rise in infection cases is expected in this time period due to daily activities and poor social distancing measures. He added that ICU units cases rose by five percent last week, calling on people to stick to health measures to avoid a second wave.

He stressed on the importance of maintaining social distancing, wash hands regularly, wear a mask everywhere, while advising people with terminal diseases, pregnant women and elderly to avoid leaving the house unless it’s necessary.

Based on the ministerial source, that the continued rise in cases is expected till mid-October, when it will peak in the upward curve, then decline again, and called for caution and adherence to health guidelines to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

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