Kuwait: Salons, restaurants, gyms back in business

Kuwait: Salons, restaurants, gyms back in business

Kuwait: Salons, restaurants, gyms back in business

Hair cutting salons (barber shops) and restaurants are preparing for the next stage of partial return to normal life which begins on Tuesday, Aug 18, to receive customers after a lapse of more than four months.

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However, sources say these establishments will have to adhere to rules and regulations put in place by the government and the health authorities from time to time. Meanwhile, with the reopening of salons for men and women in the fourth stage of the gradual return to normal life plan and banning services which require touching the face like shaving the beard for men and make up for women, the health authorities clarified that the announcements published on various media platforms are proposals, indicating they directly allowed these steps to be taken starting from Tuesday – the beginning of fourth stage.

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Exercise gyms making preparations to open according to the fourth phase announced by the Ministry of Health after remaining shut for almost four months due to the spread of coronavirus.