Kuwait: Reduce The Number Of Expats within 5 years

Kuwait: Reduce The Number Of Expats within 5 years

Kuwait: Reduce The Number Of Expats within 5 years

The demographic imbalance in the country is being reviewed firmly and decisively, prompting the government to revive plans to reduce the number of expats within five years in Kuwait.

There are basic pillars on which the formula reform plan depends, which is to make Kuwaitis half of the population within five years, reduce the number of arrivals to a million and a half million (currently numbering about 3.3 million), and establish controls that limit marginal employment” 

Non-technical employment, the adoption of a (quota) system in determining community shares, and assigning the file of population composition to the Ministry of Affairs only.

The sources indicated that the quota system will limit the increase in the numbers of some communities, whose negative effects appeared in the crisis (Corona), so that each community is granted a proportion that corresponds to their numbers, provided that the highest percentage does not exceed 20 percent of the number of arrivals (i.e. about 300 thousand) 

With the activation of the judicial seizure of the Ministry of Affairs, especially on fake companies to control workers without a license .

She added that the plan includes non-renewal of residency for expatriates over the age of 60, and the exception is limited, and for certain occupations, and also included specifying the number of years of expatriate residency in Kuwait, so that it does not exceed 15 years as a maximum.

The sources emphasized that the plan organized the recruitment of domestic workers, so residency is granted only according to the needs and number of each family, in order to reduce the numbers of servants who make up a large proportion of the number of arrival.