Kuwait: Private schools to move forward with conducting in-person exams

Kuwait: Private schools to move forward with conducting in-person exams

Kuwait: Private schools to move forward with conducting in-person exams

The head of the Union of Private Schools and Institutes, Noura Al Ghanim, confirmed that private schools will move forward as planned to hold the end of the year exams in person, local media reported.

Al Ghanim said in a press statement that 11th grade and 12th grade students have completed their exams, in person. She clarified that all students in the French and American schools have conducted written in-person exams, except students in British schools that follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education body who have decided to hold their exams online.

Around 300 students in the French schools sat for in-person exams and thousands of students in Arab schools will be conducting their exams in person, Al Ghanim added.

The announcement came after remarks were made at a demonstration that it was “unfair” for students in the public schools to move forward with in-person exams while students in private schools were conducting their exams online.

The demonstration was staged on Tuesday in front of the Ministry of Education by 12th grade students attending public schools and their parents. The sit-in was held to demand that the Ministry of Education retract its decision to conduct exams with many claiming that it is “risky” given the health situation in the country.

MP Osama Al Shaheen attended the protest to show solidarity with the students and their parents where he said, “I am confident that my fellow MPs will have a unified decision towards the issue of ending in-person exams.” A special session at parliament is scheduled for Thursday to discuss a wide range of issues, one of which is in-person exams.

The Ministry of Education has been working for the past month to prepare to hold in-person exams for all 12th grade students attending public schools. A vaccination campaign was launched, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, to vaccinate teachers, administrative staff and students to ensure their safety.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health revealed that out of the 109,574 teachers and administrative staff, 88,812 had received at least the first jab of the COVID-19 vaccine. As for students between the ages of 16 and 19, 72.75 per cent of those who have registered have gotten the vaccine, with those under 18 receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as it is safe for those between 16-18 years old.