Kuwait police control riot by Egyptian workers

Kuwait police control 'riot' by Egyptian workers

Kuwait police control riot by Egyptian workers

Kuwaiti police broke up a riot by Egyptian workers seeking repatriation after being held in special housing units for violations of the country’s residence law.

Police intervened after “riots and chaos” broke out and seized several people who would face legal measures, the Ministry of Interior said on Monday in a statement carried on state media.

Security officials intervened and took control, arresting a number of Egyptian expats.

Videos purported to show the Egyptians in a shelter, armed with pieces of furniture at one point of the confrontation. The shelter appeared to be in an industrial setting, surrounded by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire.

It did not acknowledge what level of force police used to put down the unrest, nor how many people authorities ultimately arrested after the incident.

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Representatives of the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait went to the shelter and reassured workers that repatriation flights would begin this week, the statement said.

The Egyptian embassy also apologized for the riots, it added.

Kuwait agreed last month to allow expatriates violating its residency laws to leave the country without paying fines or air tickets, with women and children due to leave first.

In all, countries in the Middle East have reported more than 340,000 cases of coronavirus, with at least 11,500 deaths, more than half of them in Iran.

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