Kuwait: Passengers say Taxi fares have reached sky high

Kuwait: Passengers say Taxi fares have reached sky high

With the ongoing third stage in the plan for return to normal life, thousands of taxis have reappeared on the streets following the suspension of their activities for about five months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of taxi drivers, who were without a job for months, are geared up to begin their work.

A number of taxi drivers have demanded that they be allowed to carry more than one passenger, especially family members, saying the current instructions issued by the concerned authority hampers their income, reports say.

They added, most of the companies have closed shop and as a result of this they find it difficult to find passengers. Some drivers told the daily, during a routine survey the corona pandemic has affected their income and made it difficult for them to deal with the meter system.

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On the other hand, a number of taxi users complained about the high fare. One of the taxi users says the taxi drivers have raised the fare unreasonably, pointing out that he paid two dinars for going from the Salmiya Fire Station to a clinic on the Fourth Ring Road.

While a taxi driver, who did not give his name said, the taxis must be allowed to carry more than one passenger especially when it comes to families especially if a person goes to a hospital or a clinic, the person needs someone to accompany him/her.

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