Kuwait: PACI launches new services on e-envelope

Kuwait: PACI launches new services on e-envelope

Kuwait: PACI launches new services on e-envelope

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) officially launched the ‘e-envelope system’ yesterday during a press conference held at its premises. This system simplifies the procedure of renewing the civil ID by replacing the old manual procedure with a new electronic one that can be done from home.

The new services include first time registration of newborn child, first-time registration of family members, domestic servant, etc, which can be completed online through its website.

“These are the easiest transactions that can be done online,” said Musaed Al-Asousi, Director General of PACI during the press conference. “In the future, more services will be added including change of address, replacement of lost cards and applications for dependents, till we cover all or most services,” he added.

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“In this new e-envelope system, the applicant enters the data himself and scans the photos. The applicant accesses the website, chooses the service and enters the data. Within 40 seconds, a PACI employee registers the submitted data. In this way, we shortened the documenting session and only used one employee. Now, they can finish 1,000 transactions within less than 3 hours. The employee will then check if the photos are correct as well as other data. In case of providing false data on purpose, the applicant may face legal sanctions,” stressed Asousi.

Meanwhile, PACI has completed the delivery of more than 200,000 ID cards of those who renewed the Civil ID during March and April. PACI is currently preparing to distribute the cards that were issued in May. Visitors can collect the Civil ID even without an appointment if they know the machine number.

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