Kuwait National Assembly finalising demographic imbalance bill

Kuwait National Assembly finalising demographic imbalance bill

Kuwait National Assembly finalising demographic imbalance bill

The Human Resources committee at Kuwait’s National Assembly has reviewed and will finalise a proposal regarding the demographic imbalance issue.

According to the draft law, the committee would exclude nine categories from the law: Gulf citizens, spouses and children of Kuwaiti women, heads and members of political and international missions and organisations, military personnel, travel crew including pilots, assistants and cabin crew, labourers working on infrastructure and economic development projects, domestic workers, medical and educational professionals.

“The draft law provides a new message for the future of Kuwait and addresses the demographic imbalance problem,” MP Khalil Al Saleh, head of the Human Resources committee, said.

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Al Saleh indicated that the committee discussed and read all the laws related to foreign workers in order to produce a law that is complete, and includes penalties and violations, in addition to creating a new mechanism for the process of replacing expats with Kuwaiti nationals in job positions.

He emphasised that the draft law includes penalties for those violating the law, which will include a three-year prison sentence and a fine of up to 5,000 Kuwaiti dinars.

Marzouq Al Ghanim, the speaker of the National Assembly, said that the law stipulates that the Cabinet of Ministers shall determine, within six months of the date of which the law comes into effect, the maximum number of expats workers in Kuwait.

The law which is almost finalised, will be presented in the National Assembly for voting.