Kuwait: Most Common Questions Asked By Everyone

Kuwait: Most Common Questions Asked By Everyone

Kuwait: Most Common Questions Asked By Everyone

The Kuwaiti government has announced the closure of commercial facilities in the country in an effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. The government ordered the shutdown of commercial complexes, shopping malls and public markets with the exception of food supply outlets. Kuwait also gave all employees a two-week holiday starting March 12, 2020 until March 29, Sunday and extended the closure of educational institutions as part of the preventive measures.

  • Is the official work leave for public sector only, or private sectors as well?

    The official work leave is for the public sector. The Private sector has the right to decide whether to grant leave or not, while adhering to the Council of Ministers decisions regarding the suspension of some institutions.

  • If an employee was already on leave during this period, will it be deducted from his annual leave balance?

    As per the Council of Ministers decision to declare an official work leave, the employees leave credit will be added back to their annual leave balance for the period from 12/3 till 26/3.

  • What is the reason behind these decision declarations made by the Council of Ministers?

    All decisions and procedures declared today are precautionary and proactive measures in facing the Coronavirus Pandemic. They are technical and necessary measures in protecting the health of citizens and residents, and to keep the general health status under control.

  • Will the school year be cancelled?

    The Council of Ministers has not issued a decision regarding the cancellation of the school year.

  • Have co-operative societies and other shopping centers been closed?

    The Minister of Commerce and Industry has stated that Co-ops are operational throughout their working hours. The Minister has also reassured all citizens and residents that the State’s strategic reserve is strong and that there is no need for panic or to purchase far more than needed. 

  • Will Banks be operating during this Official Work Leave?

    Banks will be closed until 26/3/2020 – However, each Bank will have 1 branch open per Governorate.

  • Are restaurants closed? And what about delivery services?

    Food delivery is available in addition to ordering for pick-up from the restaurant directly. However, sitting and dining in the restaurant is not allowed to avoid public gatherings.

  • Will Health Clinics in Kuwait be closed?

    All Health Clinics will remain open.

  • In light of the Banks being on leave for 2 weeks, will Salaries be deposited on time?

    Banks will be closed from 12/3/2020 until 26/3/2020 only, and the relevant government entity will task expert employees to prepare and deposit salaries for the month of March on their usual dates for all government entities, as stated in the Civil Service Commission’s guideline number 7/2020.

  • Will Shopping Malls be closed?

    As of 15/3/20 Shopping malls and kids entertainment centres will be closed in Kuwait due to coronavirus

  • Will Men and Women Saloons be closed?

    As of 15/3/20 ladies salons and barbershops will be closed in Kuwait due to coronavirus outbreak in the country

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