Kuwait Ministry of Health Officials Warns Against Lifting Total Lockdown

Kuwait Ministry of Health Officials Warns Against Lifting Total Lockdown

Kuwait Ministry of Health Officials Warns Against Lifting Total Lockdown

Kuwait Ministry of Health certain officials warned of the collapse of the country’s health system and its outcome if the total lockdown is lifted and normal life gradually returns, especially health supplies are not sufficient to meet demands.

Ministry of Health officials asked the pertinent question – How will normal life return without the availability of adequate medical supplies and equipment, especially since orders for those supplies have been frozen due to public pressure recently exerted on the State Audit Bureau to suspend Ministry of Health’s contracts?

Its indicated that Kuwait requires minimum 200 Million masks per month, besides that health care officials need it too, in order for life to return to normal, asking, “How will the market cover this quantity as it is suffering from scarcity?” They stressed that the demand for masks is expected to increase by 25 times with the return of normal life, especially with the implementation of Ministry of Health’s decision of wearing masks in public places.

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Meanwhile, Ministry of Health officials and medical teams criticized the government for its reluctance and inability to continuously face political pressures and defend its medical personnel, despite the clear and transparent measures taken by health authorities in light of the global crisis that has rattled all areas.

In a related development, parliamentary sources said they consider those who made the claim that public oversight has resulted in the freezing of health contracts for the procurement of medical equipment as being skeptic about the state’s regulatory apparatus, as if it does not play its required role except through public pressure.

The sources held the government responsible for yielding to populist pressure, and waiting for public reactions to its decisions, knowing that the coronavirus crisis is global and everyone is going through it.

They asked, “Why did the government wait for public reactions in order to remind its keenness about the public money? Why isn’t there continuous clarity, accuracy and transparency in detecting contracts instead of creating suspicions and holding the people responsible for monitoring? And why is there confusion, hesitation and the need to always put things in circles of mystery? Why didn’t the government have the nerve to defend its medical teams, instead of engaging them in political debates, and endangering the country’s health system by disrupting health orders, which in turn could disrupt plans to return to normalcy?”

During the last press conference, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh decided today not to extend the total curfew when it expires on May 30, there will be no extension of the full lockdown.

Kuwaiti authorities enforced the full curfew from May 10 to 30 as part of precautionary measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country following a rise in the daily reported infections.


Kuwait on Wednesday, reported 692 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours, taking to 22,692 its infection tally, the Health Ministry said.