For our friends in the State of Kuwait – “The Life Again Foundation”

For our friends in the State of Kuwait – The Life Again Foundation

For our friends in the State of Kuwait – The Life Again Foundation

Life Again Foundations is celebrating the “World Health Day 2017”for the first time in Kuwait with Padmasri Shobana’s Trance on 8th April 2017 at American International School, Maidan Hawalli, Kuwait at 6 P.M. The program is organized by “Life Again Kuwait Team. The entire program will be conducted in English and Arabic language to reach more audience.

Life Again Foundation founded by the renowned film star Gautami Tadimalla in Hyderabad in the year 2015 in Chennai & USA in 2016 and in Kuwait 2017 .It is a nonprofit organization established to help and inspire people who are in the pre / post transformation stage of terminal diseases. The foundation is aimed to spread awareness on terminal diseases like Cancer Support and sponsor medical treatment / therapies for the needy.

Message from Smt.Gouthami Tadimalla:
We are proud to introduce ourselves as the “Life Again Foundation”. We are a young social service organization that has evolved out of our own learning while facing the challenges that life has offered us. Life Again is a Foundation that aims to harness the power of the individual to effect a positive change in society by means of offering an effective platform for them to contribute to the welfare of their fellow human beings and the world around them.Our motto is “One for One, We are there for Everyone” and it is our aim that this becomes the universal dictum that our world will live by without barriers of race, color or creed.

“One for One, We are there for Everyone” We recognize the power of “One” as having the capacity to bring about great change in the world. When one human being stands up to support and uplift another, they create a wealth of love and support that translates into a culture of giving and sharing. Those that have been helped by their fellow human beings in their time of need realize the power of reaching out and in turn create a network of truly integrated humanity, connected at the deepest level of human understanding. It is this vision of a resurgent humanity that is at the heart of Life Again Foundation. Life Again was born out of our understanding that, no matter how great a challenge we face, when we have surmounted it, there is life again. And we must prepare ourselves to live that life with a fresh outlook and understanding of our responsibilities towards our fellow human beings. Pursuing our lives with a philosophy of consideration, care and sharing is a way of building a more harmonious and progressive society. Essential building blocks of such a world are good health practices and an education that arms one with the tools to live an informed and empowered life. A life that will allow each of us to create our own opportunities and give us the freedom to pursue our dreams with equal ability and confidence. A society that is aware of themselves as individuals and that is respectful of the collective good, is a progressive and inclusive society. It is our aim to empower our fellow human beings with these necessary skills and drive the changes that will enable societies to evolve in a positive and inclusive manner. It is our goal that Life Again is a way of life that must belong to every citizen of this world. “One for One, We are there for Everyone” is the motto that must inspire all of us to live the best life that we can, in harmony and in pursuit of our dreams with respect and love towards humanity. This is a journey that must include every one of us in order to be truly meaningful and successful. To raise awareness about responsible health practices and screening for lifestyle diseases and cancer, we have been conducting regular health and yoga camps through Kuwait that have benefited both the Kuwaiti as well as the Indian peoples here. We are proud and happy that we have been able to make a beginning in this manner and are anticipating expanding on our initial efforts. We have received an amazing response and support from the people of Kuwait who have stepped forward with eager and enthusiastic participation. This gives us great impetus to carry our work forward and dream bigger.

“One for One, We are there for Everyone”. “Life Again”

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