Kuwait launches online Covid-19 vaccine registration

Kuwait launches online Covid-19 vaccine registration

Kuwait launches online Covid-19 vaccine registration

The Kuwait Ministry of Health has launched a campaign for online registration for vaccination against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Official Spokesman Dr Abdulla Al Sanad said that the new online registration service is available to the public via a link on the Ministry’s website.

“As part of preparation for the vaccination campaign, the Ministry developed an operating mechanism and a detailed plan outlining the segments of the public who have priority access to the vaccine,” he noted.

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“Early registration does not necessarily lead to early vaccination or priority; it only provides the Ministry with the data that could help identify the prioritised segments of the public and the required quantity and distribution of the vaccine”, he added.

He said that early registration can help conduct the vaccination in an easy and orderly way, taking into account the numbers of citizens and foreign residents, including illegal residents.

The public vaccination campaign targets everybody and will be conducted in coordination with all competent state bodies, he said, voicing hope that all people will register in the coming few days