Kuwait: How To Pay Electricity & Water Bills Online

Kuwait: How To Pay Electricity & Water Bills Online

Kuwait: How To Pay Electricity & Water Bills Online

The discovery of oil in Kuwait, which is still the main source of national wealth, had a great impact at the beginning of the renaissance of civilization in the country, which encompasses all aspects of social, urban, educational and economic life. 

Kuwait did not know electrical power until 1913 by an Indian-British engineer named NSBAYANKAR, where he entered into an agreement with Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah on 10/13/1913 AD to introduce electricity in Seif Palace and the value of 7,000 rupees to operate 400 lamps with the device that works on kerosene. 

Ministry of Electricity and Water Official Website has been launched to be an approved platform for all related services and information.

The official website of the Ministry has been developed through the involvement of community members, customers and employees to express their views on the services provided by the Ministry and their aspirations for what they are eager to see in the new website.

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In the past, Kuwait relied on artesian wells in a number of areas of Kuwait to meet its need for water, and it was the main source of drinking water in addition to the water that was brought by boats and sailing ships from the Shatt al-Arab. 

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In 1905 AD, the first well containing a relatively large stock of fresh water was discovered in the Hawalli area, and in 1925 AD a sailor sailed to the Shatt al-Arab, where he brought fresh water with a group of barrels that he emptied into a small reservoir near the shore of Shuwaikh. Water was transported by boats in this manner for a period of time, followed by the use of water tanks instead of barrels, so that boats and sailing ships turned into water carriers.

How To Pay Electricity & Water Bills Online Steps:

1: Register on Ministry of Electricity and Water Official Website: Click Here

Please note the following: The following form is only for consumers to register and submit the required transactions, to register an air conditioning company or offices and a consulting role. Please go to the Electrical Installations Department and request the authorization form, and complete the required documents for registration.

2: Login and select the service you require and proceed

Electricity & Water Tariff Calculator Kuwait

For any inquiries, please contact Ministry of Electricity and Water on 152 or email info@mew.gov.kw

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