Kuwait: Full curfew option on government table

Kuwait: Full curfew option on government table today

Kuwait: Full curfew option on government table

The possibility of enforcing a full curfew is among the options on the agenda of the Council of Ministers in their meeting.

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The source mentioned 2 options were being presented for strengthening the curfew for health reasons and the first option was a comprehensive curfew, and though a difficult decision under the present circumstances, was being considered.

While the second option was an area wise curfew so that certain areas which are densely populated are cordoned off to prevent mingling of people.

Areas that have high density of people are prone to spreading of the coronavirus and all efforts are being taken to prevent its spread.

So far, Kuwait records 28 new COVID-19 cases, total of 317.

The partial curfew which was 11 hours every day was not achieving the objectives and it has become necessary for more stringent measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus numbers worldwide more than 877,234 people have contracted the virus and at least 43,404 have died.

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