Kuwait: Expats will not be appointed in government sector

Kuwait: Expats will not be appointed in government sector

Kuwait: Expats will not be appointed in government sector

The Civil Service Commission (CSB) announced that adviser jobs are not to be appointed to expats in the public sector, unless there are no Kuwaitis who meet the requirements for the position, local media reported.

The announcement came after a proposal was presented by MP Adel Al Damkhi, that suggested that the appointing advisers in the public sector, whether it be in salary or contract type (temporary or part-time), be limited to Kuwaitis. In addition, he proposed that any job opening should be first advertised in the local newspaper. Then before advertising the jobs in the international newspapers, there needs to be proof that there are no Kuwaiti applicants that can fulfill the job.

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According to Law No 19 of 2,000, it is mandatory to advertise jobs in local newspapers, whether for consultants or fixed jobs, which is meant to support and encourage nationals to work in the public sector.

In response, the Civil Service Commission said that Article 1 of the Civil Service Law stipulates that a person appointed to a position must be Kuwaiti. Non-Kuwaitis should be hired only after it is proven that there are no Kuwaitis that are fit to do the job.

In addition, the central employment system has a database of all Kuwaitis wishing to enter the public sector. The database lists their qualifications, specializations and experience, which notifies the CSB if there is a Kuwaiti that meets the conditions of a job, therefore notifying the employer that there is no need to hire a non-Kuwaiti as there is a Kuwait able to do the job.