Kuwait Expats Stranded Abroad Will Be Able To Return Soon

Kuwait Expats Stranded Abroad Will Be Able To Return Soon

Kuwait Expats Stranded Abroad Will Be Able To Return Soon

Expats stranded outside Kuwait will be allowed to return in the following days.

The process will begin with the registration of their data on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and coordinating with the Kuwaiti Embassies abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed the entry of some under humanitarian considerations who were first-degree relatives of expatriates of different nationalities, the majority from the Gulf including Egyptian and Jordanian nationals, as the reasons for being abroad was vacation and study abroad.

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The number of those who entered the country in the evacuation flights for Kuwaitis from the time of closing of the Kuwaiti airspace on February 29 was approximately 4,350. They are separated across several categories, such as wives of Kuwaiti citizens, men married to Kuwaiti women, children of Kuwaiti mothers, first degree relatives of the residents in the country, and domestic workers who accompanied their sponsors.

The source affirmed that Ministry of Interior and Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) are not the authorities involved in the decision to permit the entry of expats into the country, but rather they are parties executing the instructions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health in this regard.

Here is a link to the registration page. Registration Link

Repatriation of Kuwait’s from Saudi Arabia through the land checkpoint Al-Nuwaiseeb has began, at least 400 citizens expected to enter each day.

Kuwait imposes a total curfew in the country till May 30 to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. People in Kuwait have been told to follow curfew restrictions and abide by the health authority instructions.


During the total curfew everyone is permitted to walk in their own residential area without the use of an vehicle from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Kuwait said that there will be a gradual opening keeping in view of precautionary measures after the period of a total lockdown.