Kuwait: Drop in expat workers may hit the economy hard

Kuwait: Drop in expat workers may hit the economy hard

A sudden drop in the number of expats living in Kuwait may have negative impacts on the country’s economy, the National Assembly’s human resources committee said.

The reduction will diminish the market’s purchasing power, affect the real estate and private educations markets, and hit hard the labor market, as the private sector highly depends on expat employees.

The committee has been studying several plans submitted by members of parliament and the government to lower the number of expats in the country. Authorities have not yet set a quota for the proposal, but one of the seven proposals submitted by members of parliament called to set a percentage for each migrant community in the country.

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The Kuwaiti government’s plan also callto replace about 160,000 expats working in the public sector with nationals, but did not provide a timeframe.

The proposal also suggests that about 370,000 expats who show a “negative impact” on the country or are illegal residents can be dismissed by taking short-term measures.

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