Kuwait denies reports of restarting commercial flights

T2, scheduled to be completed by 2023, is envisaged as a regional travel hub.

Kuwait denies reports of restarting commercial flights

Kuwait denies reports of restarting commercial flights

Kuwait denies reports of restarting commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport on June 15.

The department also denied that 300 Kuwaitis traveled after signing an affidavit. It, however, said a very limited number were allowed to travel due to exceptional circumstances.

Earlier, Al Rai Kuwaiti Kuwaiti newspaper reported Kuwait International Airport is preparing to restart the airline traffic at any time in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

The Kuwaiti newspaper quoted Deputy Director of Kuwait’s Civil Aviation (DGCA), Saleh Al Fadaghi, as saying the Civil Aviation Administration is ready for any plan submitted by the cabinet, whether that concerns evacuation or gradual restart.

“It is expected that we operate with a capacity of 40 per cent, as we have instructed the competent authorities to conduct precautionary maintenance of equipment and devices in all airport buildings, especially that Kuwait Airport was operating with a very small capacity, because of the closures witnessed by the world’s airports,” he said.

Al Fadaghi reportedly said: “We are currently working to be ready in the event that instructions come from the competent authorities to restart and open the air space gradually, according to international laws and health organisations, and we will adhere to the requirements set, most notably the social distancing, wearing of the masks, covering the hands and sterilising the airport and devices on a daily basis with all flights, in addition to the requirements for airlines and adherence to precautions imposed by the World Aviation Organizations, ICAO and IATA.”

Evacuation of Kuwaitis from abroad has been completed, except for those who could not return home for several reasons, including medical treatment and students’ exams. The second one is the evacuation of residents, and we have provided all the facilities for each country to submit requests through their embassies in coordination with the Kuwaiti Interior and Health ministries, to facilitate flights for all residents of any nationality. “Schedules are prepared by civil aviation for their return to their countries,” he said.

Al Fadaghi reportedly explained that cargo planes did not stop during the crisis period, over the past three months, as they were operating with a capacity of up to 20 flights per day, and they transported medical equipment, foodstuffs and basic commodities.

Al Fadaghi reportedly revealed that citizens wishing to travel in special cases are allowed, where they can book tickets on a number of airlines, provided that the travelers get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ approval, which allows them after taking their signature on a letter of commitment to take responsibility for healthcare and financial costs, and to ensure their return in the event of any emergency occurring to them in the countries they wishe to travel to.

He reportedly said since the beginning of this month, we have received a number of requests from Kuwaiti citizens wishing to travel to a number of countries, including GCC countries, London, America, and Cairo, where approximately 300 citizens have already left so far, on Qatar Airways, to Doha on transit, then to their destination.

Meanwhile, Kuwait on Thursday, confirmed 1041 new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in 24 hours, taking to 18,609 its infection tally, the Health Ministry said.

Kuwait has imposed a total curfew in the country till May 30 to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. During the total curfew everyone is permitted to walk in their own residential area without the use of an vehicle from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.


Kuwait said that there will be a gradual opening keeping in view of precautionary measures after the period of a total lockdown.

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