Civil ID Renewal Process for Expatriates in Kuwait

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal for Expatriates

Civil ID Renewal Process for Expatriates in Kuwait

The Civil ID of Kuwait is commonly referred to as “Bataka” , A Civil ID card holds all your personal information, As per the latest law of Kuwait, Foreign residents in Kuwait will not be allowed to enter or leave the country unless they hold a valid passport and a civil ID card issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI)

As an expatriate residing in Kuwait, you must have valid and official documents with you all the time whenever you go around the city. Renewing civil ID cards has become an easy procedure in Kuwait. Civil ID cards can now be renewed online, below are the steps and requirements prepared by Kwt Today Staff to get your Civil ID card renewed smoothly.

Eligibility or Criteria

Required Documents

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You can perform this service over the phone or online:

First: Over the Phone

  • Dial 1889988
  • Choose (1) for Arabic and (2) for English
  • Choose the service number (1) from the voice lis
  • Enter your civil ID number and wait till your request is processed

Second: Online

  • Enter your civil ID number, then follow the instructions
  • Receive your new card at the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers’ Building, ground floor, Reception Hall. Pay the card acquisition fees


Card fee: KD 5

The Public Authority For Civil Information (PACI) Contact