Kuwait Celebrates Liberation Day, February 26

Kuwait Celebrates Liberation Day, February 26 - Kuwait Today

Kuwait Celebrates Liberation Day, February 26


Liberation Day: February 26

Liberation Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Kuwait

Every year aside from their National Day, Kuwait also celebrates Liberation Day every 26th of February. This official public holiday is celebrated in honor of the country’s independence from Iraq after the first Gulf War.

History of Liberation Day in Kuwait

From the time Kuwait has been released by the British, The government of Iraq found Kuwait to be promising because of the discovery of large oil reserves of the country. In fact, on 1952, the country became the largest exporter of oil in the Persian Gulf Region. Being one of the wealthiest regions in the Arabian subcontinent, Kuwait’s economy sky rocketed and attracted several opportunities from foreign countries.

However, it was on 1982 that Kuwait gone through a short period of deterioration in economic standing and prices in oil all went down. During the Iran-Iraq war, the Kuwaiti market finally recovered and even managed to fund Iraq for eight years on its battle against Iran. But conflict started to develop between Iraq and Kuwait when the latter refused to pardon the former on its billion dollar accountability.

Disagreement developed between the two countries and on 1990, Iraq finally declared war and invaded Kuwait. Because of this, the Persian Gulf War was established which participated by over 34 nations who wished to dismiss the Iraqi rule over Kuwait.

And finally, on February 26, 1991, Iraq’s authority over Kuwait was abolished declaring the country as independent and on full sovereignty.

Liberation Day in Kuwait Traditions, Customs and Activities

The Liberation Day celebration of Kuwaiti is celebrated by the whole country with pride and salutation as the country was able to make a stand and run on its own.

It is a whole day of public gatherings and parades participated and organized by many different civic groups and government organizations. The country also remembers the 605 Prisoners of War who are still in the hands of the Iraqi government up to the present time.

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