Kuwait: App developed for return of domestic workers

Kuwait: App developed for return of domestic workers

Kuwait: App developed for return of domestic workers

In anticipation of the return of around 80,000 domestic workers stranded abroad due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Aviation Services (NAS) led the development of an online platform, BelSalamah.com, to facilitate a smooth and easy return for those looking to return.

BelSalamah.com, an application and website, will allow the sponsor to book flights for the domestic worker online and organize a PCR test, as well as view the results.

Closely tried to the KuwaitMosafer.com website, the BelSalamah.com platform aims to help create a smooth and easy process for all, from the sponsor and the domestic worker to the airline and airport staff.

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The government announced that all domestic workers returning to Kuwait will need to undergo two-week quarantine in a special quarantine facility. The quarantine package has been set at 270 Kuwaiti dinars and includes accommodation for 14 days, meals and three PCR tests.

The first PCR test will be completed prior to traveling to Kuwait, as a negative result is mandatory to board the flight. The second test will be done once the domestic worker arrives in Kuwait, if they are negative they will be transported to the quarantine facility. The third PCR will be conducted once the 14 days are over, and if negative, the sponsor can pick up the domestic worker from the quarantine facility. As airline prices, Kuwait airways and Al Jazeera are jointly working to schedule charter flights.

According information from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), three weeks ago, the price for an airline ticket will be as follows: 110 Kuwaiti dinars for those coming from India, 200 Kuwaiti dinars for those coming from Philippines and 145 Kuwaiti dinars for those coming from Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

A source told Al Rai that there are fixed costs because if the price was left to the market then it can drastically rise, especially since there is a limited amount of seats.

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