Kuwait: 818 Indians dead within 6 months

Kuwait: 818 Indians dead within 6 months

Kuwait: 818 Indians dead within 6 months

There has been a high increase in the mortality rate of Indians in Kuwait. 818 Indians lost their lives within 6 months, from April to September, according to the statistics released by Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

The numbers are high when compared to previous years and the highest to be recorded ever. The average number of deaths in previous years were from 450 to 500 per year. But in 2020, within 6 months the deaths have

already gone past 800. This statistics also include the Covid-19 deaths. But as the Kuwait health ministry had stopped releasing the data on Covid cases and deaths, the numbers are not clear.

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According to the data released by Indian Embassy, bodies of 50 among the 509 deceased persons in May was taken home. 124 died in June while 288 in July, 172 in August and 137 in September.

In July as there were restrictions on air travel, the bodies couldn’t be flown home. Later the bodies were carried in cargo flights. But 458 people who died were laid to rest here as per Covid- 19 protocol as most of them were positive.

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