Kuwait: 1m register to get COVID-19 vaccine

Kuwait: 1m register to get COVID-19 vaccine

Kuwait: 1m register to get COVID-19 vaccine

Nearly 1 million citizens and expatriates in Kuwait have registered to get vaccinated against COVID-19 since an inoculation campaign started in the country in December, local media reported.

Around 500,000 people have since received vaccination, according to health sources. Kuwait has spelt out a plan to expand availability of the vaccine based on giving the shots to new categories including workers of cooperative societies and mosques.

The Health Ministry will soon dispatch vaccination teams to these categories at their workplaces, the sources said.

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The ministry adopts a two-pronged strategy based on encouraging citizens and foreign residents to get vaccinated at different inoculation centres spread across the country and administering the shots to specific categories at their workplaces, the sources added.

“This step will kick off once new vaccine supplies reach the country in the next few days with the aim of facilitating and speeding up the inoculation process,” they said, referring to the plan to inoculate workers at their employment sites.

The sources stressed the crucial importance of getting vaccinated in view of a spike in the rates of COVID-19 infections and deaths as well as intensive care unit cases over the past two months in Kuwait.

Kuwaiti health authorities confirmed so far a total of 220,445 coronavirus cases and 1,233 deaths. In late December, Kuwait initiated mass vaccinations against COVID-19. Earlier this month, Minister of Health Dr Basel Al Sabah said that 2 million people are expected to be vaccinated by September.