Kuwait : 120,000 passengers leave the country within a week

Kuwait : 120,000 people leave the country within a week

Kuwait : 120,000 passengers leave the country within a week

Kuwait International Airport (KIA) regained momentum during the summer vacation that accompanied the Eid al-Adha holiday, the number of travelers began to rise with the expected departure of about 120,000 passengers this week.

With life returning to normal in many countries after easing some passenger procedures imposed as a result of the Corona pandemic, the movement of passengers at Kuwait International Airport rebounded after thousands of people packed their luggage, according to the flight schedule, which recorded 420 flights during the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday.

The observer of the Operations Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation Habib Bou Abbas confirmed that all concerned authorities raised Preparedness and readiness by mobilizing all airport facilities to facilitate the departure of passengers and to overcome all obstacles and provide all facilities according to a plan that was previously developed by integrated health precautions.

Residency permits of more than 38,000 expats were cancelled last year as they were stuck outside the country and unable to renew them, according to a local newspaper. Of those, around 20,000 expats themselves cancelled their residency permits. The departure of a large number of residents reduced the total population of Kuwait by 4 per cent in the past year. Expats who have an expired residency are unable to return to the country unless their employer renews their residency or they enter on a new visa.

Those who have renewed their visas have been allowed to re-enter Kuwait even though they spent more than six months outside the country. The government, until further notice, has suspended the rule that if residency holders spend more than six months outside of Kuwait then their visa remains cancelled.