Kuwait: 105 Indians in not paid salary since June

Kuwait: 105 Indians in not paid salary since June

Kuwait: 105 Indians in not paid salary since June

A group of 105 Indians working at Shuaiba post have petitioned the Indian Embassy in Kuwait to intervene on their behalf as they have not received their salaries since June.

The Ambassador of India to Kuwait, Sibi George, spoke to Al Rai newspaper and confirmed that the Indian embassy provides all necessary services to its citizens and is constantly working with the authorities in Kuwait to address and solve issues that any Indian may face.

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Without a salary for four months, the workers are unable to pay their bills and buy basic necessities. Unable to pay the rent, the workers are worried they will be evicted from their homes, as the landlord has already disconnected the elevator and water supply to their apartment.

The workers, like many others, have been waiting to return to India but have been unable to do so as they have been waiting to receive their salaries.

In April, the Ministry of Interior initiated an amnesty programme that allowed non-permit holders to leave the country with no penalty. The government also paid for their tickets. Between April and June, 26,000 non-permit holders left Kuwait as a result of the amnesty programme.