Japan : Tropical storm Nepartak nears East Coast


Japan : Tropical storm Nepartak nears East Coast

A tropical storm heading toward northeastern Japan is forecast to bring heavy rain, strong winds and high waves to the Tokyo region and has already affected some Olympics events. The Japan Meteorological Agency predicted Nepartak would bring stormy weather and high waves to northeastern Japan in advance of its landfall around midday Wednesday north of the capital region.

Sustained winds at 74 kph (46 mph) and gusts up to 92 kph (57 mph) have been recorded with the storm. Nepartak is forecast to weaken slightly to 65 kph (40 mph) sustained winds prior to landfall. The storm is currently being categorized as sub-tropical, meaning the strongest winds won’t be just consolidated near the center of the storm, but rather can extend farther out from the center. 

Although the storm is expected to make landfall near Ishinomaki on Tuesday evening, areas as far south as Osaka could see up to 25 millimeters (1 inch) of rain. Tokyo is also forecast to see up to 25 millimeters (1 inch) of rainfall in some areas through Wednesday, along with gusty tropical storm force winds, which could put a damper on outdoor Olympic activities. 

Rowing and archery both rescheduled competitions ahead of the weather. The women’s triathlon, meanwhile, took place amid an occasional driving rain Tuesday morning, making for slick road conditions in the bike and running portions.

Some train services in the area where the storm will hit have been cancelled, and non-mandatory evacuation orders have been issued around  the town of Atami, where heavy rain earlier this month caused a landslide that killed 21 people.