Islamist activists kill 18 people in an attack in Eastern Congo

Islamist activists kill 18 people in an attack in Eastern Congo

Islamist activists kill 18 people in an attack in Eastern Congo

In an assault on a village in eastern Congo, Islamist militants killed 18 people, a provincial official and a local civil rights group confirmed Monday, the latest in a 60-day counter-offensive that killed an estimated 200 citizens.

The incident took place in Apetina, in a remote wooded area a few kilometers from either the Ugandan border, although threats by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Ugandan Opposition group, have escalated since October 30, when the army introduced a root-out operation.

President Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo has said that the insurgency has destroyed almost all the safe havens of the ADF, but attacks continue unabated. Twenty-two villages in the same area were killed in sieges earlier in the month.

“There was even a raid on Sunday night by ADF insurgents in …?? Apetina. These rebels murdered 18 people and burned to the ground eight homes,” Beni territory administrator Donat Kibwana confirmed.

He has said that the infantry had been alerted to the assault but came after the killings had taken place. CEPADHO, a community for human rights, also said 18 people have died.

The Congolese administration has accused the ADF of violence that goes back many years, including dozens of massacres that have killed hundreds of civilians since 2014 at night. But the group has not been completely eradicated by ongoing operations.

The latest wave of violence has complex and difficult endeavors in the area to stamp out an Ebola outbreak. Infections have begun to rise in health workers ‘ areas because of insecurity they were unable to authenticate.

Each may, the U.S. Treasury put sanctions on six ADF representatives, including Musa Baluku, its senior member. This year, Islamic State announced some ADF attacks, but researchers say the two organizations lack concrete evidence.

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