Is Burj Al Arab the world’s biggest christian cross?


Is Burj Al Arab the world’s biggest christian cross?

The Burj Al Arab, a 7-star luxury hotel, is an iconic structure that is synonymous with the name Dubai. Having such a big role, it is surprisingly coincidental (or not) that this building may possibly be the world’s biggest Christian cross.

The third tallest hotel in the world is supposed to resemble the mast of a ship, and it does, but if looked at from another angle, you would start to wonder if it was a coincidence that the structure carries the shape of a cross, similar in proportions to the one used in Christianity.

Burj Al Arab Is Burj Al Arab the world’s biggest christian cross?

The Christain Cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus. This contradicts Muslim belief, which states that Jesus is still alive and was not killed on the Cross. It is also considered a symbol of Idolatry since Jesus is worshipped as God in the Christian faith, whereby he is only a revered prophet in the Muslim faith.

The designer of Burj Al Arab, Tom Wright, has received praise from many Christian groups, for coincidentally (or not) creating one of the worlds most iconic buildings in the shape of a cross facing the east, to achieve an effect of “the first rays of light of each sunrise falls first on the Cross”. Many say that Tom Wrights “trolled” the UAE, him having succeeded in creating a massive Christian symbol on Muslim soil.

The UAE preaches religious tolerance, and there are more than 30 churches around the UAE, however, none of the churches have been allowed to display such a giant portrayal of the Cross. The irony of the matter happens to be that the Burj Al Arab is, technically, the biggest Christian Cross on the planet, regardless of the circumstances that led to its creation.