After 24 Hours with the iPhone X, Here’s What I Love (and Hate)

After 24 Hours with the iPhone X, Here's What I Love (and Hate)

After 24 Hours with the iPhone X, Here’s What I Love (and Hate)

Let me tell you, when I placed my iPhone X order at 3:05 a.m. EST on October 27th, November 3rd couldn’t come quickly enough. My inner geek had been fully ignited, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a product in my life. I signed up for text and e-mail shipment updates (obviously), and when I saw the “your package has been delivered” notification, I Usain Bolt(ed) to the front door. There it was in all it’s glory – the X. I’ve had it for 24 hours now, and here’s what I absolutely love, and what is leaving me disappointed with Apple.

What I love

Face ID 

No surprise here, really. Seeing the promo videos and reading reviews are one thing, but experiencing it for yourself truly allows you to appreciate the pure technological advancement and magic. The initial Face ID calibration is an experience in itself, and overall it makes you feel like your phone knows you in a way it never has been able to before (a non-creepy way, of course). I haven’t had any phone-unlocking hiccups yet in which it hasn’t recognized me, but I’ll definitely be trying to trick it.


Some think it’s a novelty that will wear off, but on the contrary, I’m pretty sure sending messages as a poop emoji was on the lower half of my bucket list, so consider me a pig in poop. Really, though, think about how many times you’ve actually sent audio messages — odds are, not a whole lot. Blending the emoji craze with cutting-edge augmented reality is not only hilarious but will drive peer-to-peer engagement to new heights. You’re going to use it a lot. And the expansion opportunities are endless.

Where I’m disappointed

Battery indicator 

It’s driving me crazy actually. You may think it’s petty, but I’m legitimately OCD about wanting to know how much battery is left on the phone, and any device for that matter. I would always go to battery settings and select  “show as a percentage” instead of just seeing a battery image. ​Now, when you swipe down to see your dash, it does show the percentage, but it’s an added step (swipe), which isn’t an improvement — it’s a digression. The modern expectation when anything is being streamlined is to remove steps, not the opposite.

Closing background apps

Yes, I’m a background app hoarder. At any given time, I probably have 20-plus apps open. However, usually I would, once or twice a day, cleanse them all and rapidly “swipe up” and close two at a time (for those like me, a technique many embraced) — the point being, you could close them pretty quickly if you wanted or needed to.

To close apps with the X, for a reason unknown to me, a small, red circle appears on each app at the top left that you need to tap ​individually! Why, Apple?! If you have a lot of apps open, it easily adds 30 more seconds to the process. Sound mundane? Thirty seconds a day for a year is three hours of your life, three hours I would much rather spend binge-watching something on Netflix.

Look, the iPhone X is an incredible piece of technology and, so far, my favorite device. The personal “woes” aren’t a slight at its capabilities. All in all, it’s absolutely living up to the hype, and I highly encourage you to experience it for yourself.