Indonesia’s Mount Semeru erupts

Indonesia’s Mount Semeru erupts

Indonesia’s Mount Semeru erupts

A volcano in Indonesia’s East Java province erupted on Sunday, spewing ash and smoke nearly 3.5 miles into the sky. Indonesia has almost 130 active volcanoes. The volcano erupts just days after 49 people were killed in an earthquake on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island. 

No evacuation orders have yet been issued so far on Java which happens to be the countries most populated island but the national disaster agency warns villagers living on the slopes of the mountain to be alert for the ongoing volcanic activity. 

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ocean’s ‘Ring of fire’ where tectonic plates collide, causing frequent volcanic activities as well as earthquakes. 

Semeru – which is also known as The Great Mountain – also happens to be the highest volcano in Java and one of the most active. It is also one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist hiking destinations. 

Residents of the Curah Kobokan river basin have been urged to watch for possible “cold lava” mudflow, which can be triggered by intense rainfall combining with volcanic material.

The volcano previously erupted in December, when about 550 people were evacuated. But in the last week, Indonesia has seen multiple landslides and a deadly earthquake on Sulawesi island and the loss of a Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 with 62 people on board.

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