Indian Embassy extends help to its nationals

Indian Embassy extends help to its nationals

Indian Embassy extends help to its nationals

Indian Embassy has been rendering all possible assistance to distressed Indian nationals in Kuwait. The Community Welfare Wing in the Embassy extends help in following cases: –

(i) Issuance of Emergency Certificate: Community Welfare Wing officials regularly visit Police stations, Detention Cell, Deportation Centre etc. to meet Indian detainees for conducting interviews for issuing travel documents (Emergency Certificates) to those not having passports with them to facilitate their repatriation to India. Detainees at these stations are mainly visa violators, which could be due to non-renewal of residency visa or violation of local Residency law. After completion of formalities in police stations/detention centre, they are shifted to Deportation Centre for eventual deportation to India. The Embassy makes consistent efforts for expeditious repatriation of all such stranded Indian workers. However, due to the strict immigration rules & regulations in Kuwait, the entire process of repatriation is time-consuming and duration varies from case-to-case basis. It is advisable to keep a copy of passport or Civil Id, in case original is not available as this will be helpful in case identity is not established through finger-print report. [Please note that if anyone is deported on the strength of passport despite the fact that EC is applied or made, one should contact Indian Embassy or Passport Office (reference link- Furthermore, the release of visa/residency violators from detention depends solely on the timely intervention by the respective employer/ sponsor with appropriate documents before Kuwaiti authorities.]

(ii) Pursuing Travel Ban cases: Some Indian workers are stranded due to “travel ban” imposed on them for various reasons including ongoing trial/ investigation/ pending dues which prevents them from leaving Kuwait till removal of the restriction. Travel Ban can be removed by paying a fine determined by the court or serving the imprisonment period. In such cases one may need a lawyer. However, in case Embassy’s intervention is required at any point, the consular officer in the Community Welfare Wing may be approached for help and guidance.

(iii) Consular Visit to Jails: Although Indian community in Kuwait is by and large hard-working, honest and law-abiding, few Indian nationals are in Kuwaiti jails either serving sentence or under trial for various charges. Embassy’s Consular officials undertake monthly visits to jails of Kuwait to meet the Indian prisoners and the issues raised by the Indian inmates are taken up appropriately for redressal. Those sentenced for deportation after completion of sentence period are shifted to Deportation Centre for eventual repatriation to India after completion of formalities. In this regard, Embassy officials coordinate with Kuwaiti authorities for their early travel to India including providing Emergency Certificate for those whose passports are not available or expired. However, in case there is no deportation order in the verdict after completion of sentence period, the individual concerned is advised to approach respective sponsor to regularize one’s residency.

(iv) Repatriation of distressed patients: Officials from Community Welfare section regularly undertake visit to hospitals to look after welfare of destitutes and needy Indian nationals admitted in serious conditions. Many of them do not hold valid residency visa. In such situation, Embassy coordinates with Kuwaiti Immigration authority for finger-print and clearance for deportation of patient from the hospital itself. Free air passage is provided by the Embassy to destitute Indian patients, wherever required. Indian community is requested to come forward specially for arranging an escort to accompany the patient.

(v) Whereabouts cases: The Embassy receives queries regarding whereabouts of missing Indians/ not in contact with relatives etc. either directly from the relatives or through Ministers, MPs, MLAs or institutions such as NORKA etc. In such cases, the Embassy undertakes detailed enquiry on the basis of available details viz. passport number, Civil ID, details of sponsors etc. The sponsor and the local Kuwaiti authorities are also approached to locate the whereabouts of missing Indian nationals. [In many instances, it has been noted that relatives do not give full details and also willfully hiding facts like residency status, suspected involved in any illegal activities, outcome of enquiries already made etc which results in wastage of time and resource. Please give all possible details including contact number of known local friends/ contacts of the missing person in Kuwait, which is utilized in tracing missing person in Kuwait].

(vi) Marriage Disputes: Marriage disputes including complaints against spouses for physical and mental harassment are also dealt by the Community Welfare Wing wherein Consular officers meet both the parties, enquire into the complaints and take necessary action. Embassy’s Community Welfare section can be approached to avail of facilities under Indian government’s scheme for providing legal/ financial assistance to Indian women deserted by their overseas Indian/ foreigner husbands. The details may be seen at link-

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