India: Who will be the heroine in Rahul Gandhi’s biopic? This is what he replied

Who will be the heroine in Rahul Gandhi’s biopic? This is what he replied

India: Who will be the heroine in Rahul Gandhi’s biopic? This is what he replied

At a time when biopics are the flavour of the season, Congress president Rahul Gandhi too was asked about a possible film on him at an interaction with students in Pune. While the hero of the movie was not discussed, a question on who would be the heroine in the biopic elicited a witty answer from him.

“I am wedded to my work,” he said.

This is not the first time that the Congress president has faced this question. At an earlier interaction with some journalists, he had answered a question regarding his marriage plans saying that he was wedded to “the Congress party”.

A question on his sister Priyanka Gandhi led to an “aww” moment. Asked about Priyanka and raksha bandhan, he said, “I have an uncommon rule, I wear it (the rakhi tied by Priyanka) till it breaks. It will stay there till the next raksha bandhan.”

As he raised his right hand to show off the rakhi, radio jockey Malishka, who was coordinating the event, thought he was raising his hand for a high-five and immediately raised her own hand for a high-five as well. But Gandhi stopped her just in time to point out that he was only showing the rakhi.

He also spoke about Priyanka Gandhi’s tweet after he filed his nomination papers in Kerala’s Wayanad on Thursday. “Priyanka is my best friend. We’ve been through life together. We are very close,” he said.

Minutes after Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination from Kerala’s Wayanad, Priyanka Gandhi, who had accompanied him, tweeted a photograph of him.

“My brother, my truest friend, and by far the most courageous man I know. Take care of him Wayanad, he won’t let you down,” she wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

When asked about his relationship with Priyanka and whether they fought, he said, “We don’t fight, but she does naughty things. She is trying to fatten me up by making me eat sweet things.”

Towards the end of the event, Malishka set up a rapidfire round of questions for Gandhi.

To the first rapid fire question regarding the last movie he had watched, Gandhi said, “I haven’t watched a movie in a long time.”

Asked if he was a bathroom singer, he said, “No, I am a bad singer.”

On his favourite childhood memory, he said that it was with his grandmother, Indira Gandhi. “I used to hide behidn the curtain and jump out and scare her when she would return from office. She knew I was hiding and would pretend to be scared when I would jump out at her.”

On a wish that he would ask from a genie, he said, he would wish that the people he cared for should do well.

When asked about his fitness, he said, “No, I don’t have six-pack abs, but I used to earlier, not anymore.”

To a question regarding the challenges he had faced in life and where he found the courage to face the challenges, he said, “I accepted the challenges I had to face. I accepted the reality. Courage comes from truth. Accept the truth and it will make you stronger. From truth comes humility, from humility comes courage.”

Source: Hindustan Times