India: Twitter netizens reaction on, Hyderabad police has 14 tips for women to stay safe

India: Twitter netizens reaction on, Hyderabad police has 14 tips for women to stay safe

India: Twitter netizens reaction on, Hyderabad police has 14 tips for women to stay safe

The gangrape and killing of a 26-year-old veterinary surgeon in Shamshabad, Hyderabad, on Wednesday night left the people stunned and sparked public outrage.

Today, as an answer to various questions about how the city is not safe for women, the Hyderabad Police has released a 14-point guide for women or girls on how to be healthy when commuting.

The measures, titled “Very Important Message to All Women and Girls,” was issued by the Police Commissioner and IPS, Anjani Kumar, and recommended steps to be taken by women.

The steps recommend women on their travels to tell their family or close relatives/friends where they’re going and when they’re coming back and, if possible, to share their location.

The third point of the list indicated that if they are traveling by taxi or car, they would share a picture of the number plate, contact details (it will be on the back of the car driver’s seat, the ID card will be required for a taxi).

Those certain points in the list were as follows:

  • Get to understand the route if you’re going to an unfamiliar environment.
  • Please wait in crowded and lit places. Levitate the isolated areas. Don’t hesitate to send a message to the police patrol cars or the Blue Colt police motorcycles in the area for help. They’re for your safety and security.
  • If no one is visible around you, you can walk to the nearest shop, the commercial unit, and stand very close to it so that you can be easily seen by moving traffic.
  • Always be prepared for Dial 100.
  • Download Hawk Eye-Telangana Police Mobile App-and set up location services on all occasions.
  • In strange circumstances, please ask the passengers around you for help.
  • If there are no pedestrians or passers-by, behave as you speak to your parents on the phone who is the cops, and share all the information about the location and the cars and the individuals around you, this will warn them.
  • Be relaxed and speak loud when challenged. If the situation requires, call for help.
  • If you’re in a terrible situation, please yell and run to a crowded space.
  • We are working together to prevent crimes. Inform the local police of local bad hats.
  • If you really want to send some photos for identification, you can send them to WhatsApp at 9490616555.

In the massive list of Dos and Don’ts that the IPS cop communicated with Hyderabad’s women, there was no point on the rapists or the assailants. Alternatively, the list asked women to be cautious at all moments.

Since Anjani Kumar shared the list, Twitter, particularly women, was angry and taken to social media to criticize the list. Women considered the list unilaterally and called on Hyderabad Police not to take responsibility for making the city a safer environment for women.

One Twitter user tweeted, “We’re raped by men so, for heaven’s sake, give damn advice to men not to RAPE us. Why the hell are we paying the penalty for men who are monsters? That’s the issue, tell your people not to RAPE WOMEN! Keep your damn safety advice to yourself.”

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The woman was raped by four men who dislodged the rear wheel of her scooter and, on the pretext of offering her help, pulled her to a secluded spot near the toll plaza and raped her.

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