India reports 447 adverse cases post vaccination

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India reports 447 adverse cases post vaccination

A total of 447 adverse effects following immunisation (AEFI) reported so far, of which only three cases required hospitalisation. Minor cases such as fever, headache and nausea were reported. 

On Sunday, only six states conducted vaccination drive and in 553 sessions a total of 17,072 beneficiaries were vaccinated. Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tamil Nadu and Kerala carried out the vaccination drive on the second day.

2,24,301 beneficiaries have been inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine so far. The health ministry said the drop in the number of states was meant to avoid clashes with immunisation schedules for other illnesses. The government said a majority of states had planned to vaccinate people over four days per week, but Mizoram opted for five, Goa and Uttar Pradesh for two and Andhra Pradesh for six. On Saturday, three lakh people were to be vaccinated but fewer than two lakhs were actually given the shot. 

According to the government, the shots will be offered to an estimated one crore healthcare workers and around two crore frontline workers, and then to persons above 50 years of age, followed by persons younger than 50 years of age with associated comorbidities

India is home to the world’s largest vaccine makers and has one of the biggest immunisation programmes. India started vaccination of health workers on Saturday in what is likely the world’s largest Covid 19 vaccination campaign. Over 17,000 were vaccinated on day 2.

News cameras captured the injections in hundreds of hospitals, underscoring the hope that getting people vaccinated is the first step to recovering from the pandemic that has devastated the lives of so many Indians and bruised the country’s economy. India is second only to the US in the number of confirmed cases, with more than 10.5 million. The country ranks third in the number of deaths, behind the US and Brazil, with over 152,000.