India: Kerala today declares the third outbreak of coronavirus

India: Kerala today declares the third outbreak of coronavirus

India: Kerala today declares the third outbreak of coronavirus

Kerala has already confirmed coronavirus in its third case. Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja announced the third case of coronavirus in India and said a patient in Kerala’s Kasargod had tested a positive.

The current case of coronavirus is a student who, such as the first two cases of coronavirus identified in various parts of Kerala, recently returned from China.

Shailaja says, “The patient is being handled at Kanjangad District Hospital in Kasaragod. The health of the patient is good, and the patient has arrived from Wuhan, China.”

The three reports of coronavirus were identified from Kerala where the government has kept about 2,000 people undergoing surveillance at various hospitals, quarantine centers and also residences.

Thrissur announced the first case on Thursday with a woman med student returning for the outbreak from Wuhan performing positively.

The third patient’s condition is also good, as per Health Minister Shailaja. “These 3 patients are handled in isolation wards. Their health remains stable. As of 2 February, 104 specimens were examined, and 3 of which were positive,” she said.

“A sum of 1999 people have actually arrived from the afflicted region. 1924 is under house quarantine and the remainder 75 are now being tracked at different hospitals,” KK Shailaja stated.

So far more than 350 people were killed in China’s Wuhan city and coronavirus has indeed infected over 14,000 people in this country. So far the epidemic has traveled to about 25 countries like India and the United States.

India has rescued more than 650 citizens from the Wuhan area of China and brought them back as the lethal coronavirus travels across China and other countries. India returned from China just seven Maldivian citizens together with the Indians.

India operated two special Air India aircraft from China to India and returned two lots of Indians staying in Wuhan. While it has taken hundreds of Indians back, the government has failed to bring back some of the Chinese Indian citizens who had a high fever and other grievances.

Late Sunday, the authorities reported that the e-visa service for Chinese travelers and foreigners living in the nearby country would be temporarily suspended and released a fresh advisory warning that anyone with a health history to China after January 15 can be evacuated.

Since Sunday 58,658 travelers were checked for nCoV effects from 445 planes. The isolation facilities were connected to a minimum of 142 symptomatic passengers collected by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program.

The Health Ministry spoke as many as 130 samples have also been checked, of which 128 have so far been found to be negative.

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