India is stamping hands of passengers under coronavirus quarantine

India is stamping hands of passengers under coronavirus quarantine

India is stamping hands of passengers under coronavirus quarantine

India has started stamping the hands of people feared to have coronavirus — quickly leading to the arrest of at least four people for breaking their quarantine.

As countries across the globe go under massive lock down in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, a number of people are still flying back home. With that in mind and the fact that Maharashtra in the country has the highest number of virus-positive people till now, there are new measures in place.

The government is taking all possible measures to make people aware and keep them safe. The Maharashtra government has issued an important notice for airport and hospital authorities, wherein suspected people will be stamped on the left hand and are to be put under home isolation.

HOME QUARANTINED,” reads the hand stamp, along with the date it was given to determine when their 14-day isolation ends

“Proud to protect Mumbaikars,” it also states, referring to citizens of the capital city, Mumbai, a densely packed metropolis of 18 million people.

These stamps are an intelligent idea and are already proving effective as four people with these stamps were caught travelling in a train for Surat. They were asked to deboard immediately and were taken to a medical facility.

The minister also said that some people are not following the rule of self quarantine properly as they are not taking it seriously. 

Those who require self-quarantine but don’t want to stay in hospital or hotels and want to go home, they should have a sense of responsibility,” Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said.

The drastic measure comes as experts fear the nation of 1.3 billion could become the next global hotspot for the potentially deadly virus.

This is high time that people in India and the world must understand the fatality of the virus and practice self quarantine for their as well as safety of others.