India: 7 things to know about kolkata’s underwater metro before you take a ride

India: 7 things to know about kolkata's underwater metro before you take a ride

India: 7 things to know about kolkata’s underwater metro before you take a ride

New East-West Metro line in Kolkata is all set to begin on February 13 but citizens are waiting with bated breath for the underwater section of the metro service. Its underground section of the Metro line is scheduled to begin service in 2021 after the development of the entire length is completed.

In 1984, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi inaugurated the first Metro service in Kolkata which serves the North-South road, extending from Dum Dum to Garia. Whereas the East-West Metro line was scheduled to start operations some time ago, the development progress was slowed during tunnel boring work due to an aquifer collapse in central Kolkata.

Nonetheless, the delay is now over and there are 7 things you should know about the high-speed rail service in the West Bengal capital before you take a ride on the East-West line.


An East-West Train line stretches from Sector V of Salt Lake to Howrah Maidan and that is a 16.60 km long stretch. Of the entire length, an underground tunnel is 5.8 km, and the underground stretches for 10.8 km. The 520-meter twin tunnels are part of the deep reach beneath the Hooghly River.

This is a very first move

The East-West Metro rail will be India’s first underwater train line once it is finished.

As of now six stations decided

Now, the East-West Metro would pass across six stations spanning a 12-kilometer distance.

No. of passengers

Officials said that at a period that has six buses, about 2,100 passengers will board the train. The pace of arrival of the trains at the station will be 90 seconds.

Diminishes travel time

The train line was designed in such a way that travel costs and time were reduced, almost by an hour and a half. It requires 15 minutes to cross the river by boat, as it could take up to half an hour by the route. The underwater metro will pass across the length of the river in minutes.

Conservation of power

Officials also said that a modern regenerative braking system has been launched on the line which will help to maintain momentum.

Modern Amenities

Surveillance cameras and reflectors were built on the platforms while cameras and smoke detectors were put inside the ship. Seats are burn-resistant while special services have also been created for elderly people.

The second metro line in Kolkata will be inaugurated by Railway Minister Piyush Goel.

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