India: 7 die after gas leak in UP’s Sitapur

India: 7 die after gas leak in UP’s Sitapur

India: 7 die after gas leak in UP’s Sitapur

At last seven people, among three girls, were dead on Thursday after allegedly inhaling fumes gas leaked from a chemical factory in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh, authorities say.

The provisional investigation indicated that the gas spilled from the tank at the chemical plant in Biswan and that those who slept inside the adjacent carpet factory died after last year’s spill.

“Local residents reported a gas leak to police. It was initially very difficult to enter a carpet factory’s premises because of the pungent smell. We found seven corpses, including that of three girls,” informed Sitapur Police Superintendent LR Kumar.

Circle official Biswan Samar Bahadur responded by saying, “The gas leak from a chemical plant is suspected to have taken place.

Munnawwar, a family member of one of the survivors, alleged some gas leakage to have occurred in a nearby chemical plant.

“The pungent smell continues to grasp the town,” Munnawwar confirmed.

Locals have also said that several wild animals died after last year’s gas leak.

A department of health manager has also been calling out on the location.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath shared sorrow over the incident and ordered the administration of the region and police officers to arrive at the spot to assess the situation.

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