India: 19 held for violent behavior in UP’s Mau protesting against CAB

India: 19 held for violent behavior in UP's Mau protesting against CAB

India: 19 held for violent behavior in UP’s Mau protesting against CAB

Nineteen individuals were detained here in conjunction with the unrest on Monday night that exploded over the violent protest in Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia, authorities confirmed.

Demonstrators on Monday ransacked a police station and burned cars as a protest against the revised Citizenship Act, and police action in Jamia Millia Islamia turned violent here, causing the police to shoot in the sky.

“In conjunction with Monday’s unrest in the Dakshintola district of Mau, as many as 24 persons have been found so far, of whom 19 have been detained. Mischievous mongers were detected by video evidence and images reported in various newspapers,” Ashutosh Pandey, Deputy Director-General (Prosecution) told a news conference on Tuesday.

Pandey stated, “The Internet has been discontinued in the community until more orders have done given. RAF and PAC have been mobilized. The police have been taken from both the neighboring districts of Ballia, Ghazipur, and Azamgarh.

In the meantime, all universities, colleges and ‘ madrasas ‘ have been closed down in the face of terrorism.

Clips of crime, which have gone global on social media, reveal that the computer room at Mau’s Dakshintola Police Station has been burglarized with chairs and some computers destroyed.

A part of the border wall of the courthouse was also destroyed, and firemen were seen extinguishing the fire that had exploded in one section of the police precinct.