In UAE, indian citizen diagnosed with coronavirus

In UAE, indian citizen diagnosed with coronavirus

In UAE, indian citizen diagnosed with coronavirus

An Indian citizen was infected with the unusual coronavirus in the UAE, bringing the number of reported cases of infection to eight, the ministry of health stated.

The number of deaths in China’s coronavirus epidemic has risen to 1,016 while reported illness reports have surged to 42,638, as per the Chinese health authorities on Tuesday.

On Monday, the UAE Department of health and prevention said the Indian national had been contaminated after engaging with a previously diagnosed patient.

“The Department of health and prevention recently announced the eighth documented case of new coronavirus in the UAE, which is an Indian citizen who communicated with a previously diagnosed adult,” it confirmed in a tweet.

The department said that on Sunday that the two new applicants, a Chinese citizen and a Filipino, were infected with the infection and were receiving medical treatment according to the country’s top safety standards.

Said all confirmed cases accused of having coronavirus would have to be identified by all health centers.

Yesterday, coronavirus was identified in a family of four who came to China from Wuhan for a holiday in Dubai. A fifth individual was believed to have been involved in the project but is currently in a critical condition.

China and nations across the planet are trying to control the outbreak of coronavirus that first arose in Wuhan town in China’s Central Hubei region. Two deaths were reported in Hong Kong and the Philippines excluding China.

Several European countries with virus outbreaks include France, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Spain, as well as Austria, the UK and Italy.