How to apply for Kuwait Drivers License

Driving licenses transactions to be online within two month

How to apply for Kuwait Drivers License

Check if you are eligible to apply by asking these questions:

  1. Are you a degree holder?
  2. Is your salary in your (green paper) 600KD or above?
  3. Are you a resident in Kuwait for 2 years up?
  4. Is your current job title is exempted with the 600KD salary bracket (Engineer, doctor, accountant, MOH nurse, mandoup, etc..)

If you are eligible then you can follow these steps and procedure

Documents needed:

  1. Go to muror (Kuwait Traffic office) and ask for an application form
  2. Bring the form to your office to get your sponsor’s signature
  3. Request for a copy of your salary certificate, “green paper”, company license
  4. Have your university degree translated in arabic and have it authenticated
  5. original and copy of passport and civil id
  6. blood group certificate

Steps once you’ve secured all necessary documents:

  1. Submit documents to Muror – an officer will check them. if there are no problem with your documents they will give you a paper for your eye test
  2. bring the paper to the government eye clinic and bring the paper back to Muror and take a 10KD stamp
  3. Once you submitted the documents with the eye test result, you will have your photo taken
  4. You will be given a green paper (istimara)
  5. Bring your istimara to any of Kuwait’s driving school. In my case I went to Kuwait Motoring Company
  6. Enroll yourself to the driving school. Prices vary depending on the number of days that you will be given after one of their driving instructors assessment on your driving skills. 4 days = 98KD, 7 days = 128KD and 158KD for 10 days driving lesson plus 10KD stamp.
  7. Get your driving test schedule after your driving lesson

Driving test day

  1. Be sure to arrive early on your driving test day
  2. Theoretical test will be given first before the practical test
  3. if you pass the theoretical test then you can proceed to the practical test, if not then you need to retake the test after 2 days (i think)

TIPS on practical driving test

  1. Greet the officer with a smile 🙂
  2. Be sure to adjust all the mirrors and your seat
  3. put on your seat belt
  4. Ask the officer to put on his seat belt
  5. Check your surrounding by turning your head around before you change the gear to reverse.
  6. Take it easy on accelerator and brake
  7. Be polite and say, thank you
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