Have A Look; How Miss USA Spends Her Sundays

Have A Look; How Miss USA Spends Her Sundays

Have A Look; How Miss USA Spends Her Sundays

Until Cheslie Kryst knighted Miss USA in May, she was an attorney in Charlotte, N.C. She moved to Manhattan in accordance with beauty contest regulations.

While Ms. Kryst takes a break from her day-to-day life, she still retains her website, White Collar Glam, where she talks about inexpensive office clothing. And in October, she has become the reporter for the “Extra” celebrity gossip series.

Ms. Kryst, 28, who occurs to be the earliest Miss USA ever to be, shares her Midtown apartment with Miss Universe, Catriona Gray. Yes, Miss USA lives with Miss Universe, and on December 8, she will compete to be the successor to her roommate’s crown.

JET SET Almost all of the Sundays I’m heading back to town from somewhere I’ve been to an event like Miss USA, so I don’t wake up in my own room. I’m finishing my day by unwrapping. If I’ve had something before I get back to my room, it’s a simple egg or an egg white egg sandwich at the airport. It’s for food. To be honest, it can be difficult to fly.

FOLLOW THE PUPPIES I prefer my thick, thin hair. Normally, by the time I untangle, they’re destroyed when I go out. So the first thing I’m going to do is go to Issa Hair, Lexington. I don’t know precisely which alley it’s on, but I can still tell that I’m close because there’s some kind of dog shop right next to the salon, and people have always crowded around looking at puppies. It’s what made me want to get a kitten.

PIT STOP, SWEET SPOT When I get to Issa, I’m going to Baked by Melissa, Lexington. Yeah, my Goodness, I love the cupcakes. One of the strawberries is so hot. I’m going to pick up six on the way to the nail salon. I’m going to eat three on the way back, three on the way back. Often they are not really tall. It’s just a crack, guy. And I don’t limit what I’m doing on Sundays, although I’m training for Miss Universe. I’m not going out on Mondays, though. I strongly believe in my religion, because He has always spoken of Sunday as a day of rest. The lock screen on my phone says, “No.” That’s my pledge to relax.

INCOGNITO I only go to Lisa at Issa’s. I believe she really is Issa, the manager, but she doesn’t say that. We’re a little pair: she’s going to give me a short lesson, “Your nails wouldn’t crack so much if you did not keep them too small.” And then she does not get upset if I search for gown ideas from Pinterest. I don’t think she knows that I’m Miss USA, but I do not want her to know why. I just want people to treat me as a regular person. I’m heading there with no lipstick, with shades, with my head shaved, with torn jeans.

ME TIME I’m going back to my apartment, and there is still more luggage to unpack. I spend a lot of my afternoon fixing up my apartment and watching “Sex and City” go back on my ipod. I felt like I needed to go home every season when I moved to New York. They’re thinking about places that I feel like I have to go to, like Pastis, and they’re also talking about how impossible it can be to date in New York. Oh, it’s cool. I don’t know if it’s true that it’s difficult to date Manhattan. I’ve had a deadline every now and then, so I can’t tell you that I’m actually searching. It’s fun to be greedy, to concentrate on me and my time.

IN THE CLOSET I’m moving to get a chicken Caesar served from Chopt, and then the remainder of the day is dedicated to my website. I’ve got a desk in my house, but it’s where I makeup — there are a flip-up top and a lighted mirror — now I can’t work there. So I’m going to this little storage place that’s our workplace. The wardrobe is a washing cabinet. I’m with our cleaning supplies in there. But it’s a good thing and I don’t get upset. I’m so thankful to have this building, because it’s about three times the size of my apartment in Charlotte, and it has this wonderful view. If I hadn’t been in the bathroom, I would’ve been looking out all the door.

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