G7’s global vaccine scheme for world’s poorest

G7's global vaccine scheme for world's poorest

G7’s global vaccine scheme for world’s poorest

Over 200 million vaccine doses to provide immunity against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) have been reportedly administered so far in at least 107 countries and territories. Notably, around 45 per cent of Covid-19 vaccine shots have been given to people in the wealthy Group of Seven (G7) countries, (G-7 countries consist of the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan)which accounts for only 10 per cent of the global population, according to a news agency.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly called for equitable access and distribution of vaccines and on Friday, G7 members pledged to share more vaccine doses to middle- and low-income countries. Days after the United Nations voiced over the gaping inequities in the initial rollout of the vaccines between rich and poor countries, G7 leaders holding a virtual meeting on Friday agreed to increase financial commitments to global vaccination efforts. 

The two-hour virtual G7 summit hosted by Boris Johnson led campaigners to demand more detail of the timing and substance of pledges. The G7 countries are thought to have bought about 1.5bn vaccines more than their populations will need, but any estimate is subject to many variables. “Covid-19 shows that the world needs stronger defences against future risks to global health security,” the G7 said. “We will continue to support our economies to protect jobs and support a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive recovery.”

The G7 said in a joint communique that they had collectively provided $7.5bn to the scheme.

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