Flight Ticket Rates For Indians To Return Back

The world's largest evacuation mission to bring thousands of Indians stranded.

Flight Ticket Rates For Indians To Return Back

The Indian government on Monday announced that evacuation of Indians stranded in various countries would begin from Thursday.

The first batch of evacuation flights for Indian citizens will be from the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries.

10 flights will operate from United Arab Emirate, 2 from Qatar, 5 from Saudi Arabia, 7 from United Kingdom, 5 from Singapore, 7 from USA, 5 from Philippines, 7 from Bangladesh, 2 from Bahrain, 7 from Malaysia, 5 from Kuwait and 2 from Oman, tweeted Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri.

According to Ministry of Civil Aviation of India flights Ticket from Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Washington will cost up-to ₹1,00,000.

A flight from London to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and New Delhi will cost ₹50,000 per passenger,

Flight Tickets from Dubai will cost ₹13,000 and from Abu Dhabi ₹15,000.

Flights Tickets from Singapore and Malaysia will cost ₹20,000 per passenger.

Flight Tickets from Kuwait to Ahmedabad will cost ₹14,000 and to Hyderabad will cost ₹20,000 per passenger.

Flight Ticket from Jeddah To Delhi will cost ₹25,000 per passenger.

Flight Tickets from Manila to Delhi will cost ₹30,000 per passenger.

Flight ticket fare to return back to India
Flight Fare – One Way Prices

The complete operation will be managed by Air India, which will operate around 64 flights between May 7 and 13.

Passengers will also have to pay for their quarantine facilities on their return, but a final decision on this will be taken by the State governments soon , the Minister said.

These flights will bring back around 15, 000 Indians stranded abroad amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

India evacuation plan coronavirus
India Evacuation Plan

A large chunk of these flights will be destined for Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

“This exercise is for those who find themselves distressed and are stranded because either their visas have expired or either they are being deported or either they went to these countries for work and wanted to come back,” the Minister said.

The novel coronavirus has infected more than 46,400 people and killed around 1,560 people in India till now.