Experts dismiss ‘Flurona’

Experts dismiss 'Flurona' v

Experts dismiss ‘Flurona’

Some posts on social media talked about one such infection named ‘flurona’ in Israel, which the users said is a double infection of Covid-19 and influenza.

The contractions like ‘flurona,’ I think they’re very misleading to people. It presents the idea two viruses have somehow merged into one, which is not at all the case,” Dr Ellen Foxman, an immunologist at the Yale School of Medicine, told NBC News. “Somebody got a co-infection. People get co-infections all the time.”

As per the report, researchers are intrigued by these co-infections. When a person gets infected with two viruses, there are three possible outcomes. According to Dr Guy Boivin, a clinical virologist in Quebec, the interaction could have a minor or no effect. Alternatively, the viruses might attack at the same time, causing more damage than if they were attacked separately. 

Both the flu and Covid19 are respiratory diseases which can consist of symptoms including, but not limited to, a runny nose, sore throat, fever, headache and fatigue. These symptoms will differ for each individual depending on one’s health and vaccination status.